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North Carolina Courage Getting Ahead of the Game with RT Software

By NC Courage Communications, 03/18/21, 9:00AM EDT


The North Carolina Courage strive to be the best in every aspect of soccer, including game analysis. The team’s recent partnership with RT Software is raising the quality and effectiveness of analysis for the back-to-back NWSL Champions.

RT Software is a London-based company that provides players and staff a suite of graphics solutions to better analyze clips and videos ahead of games using telestration. The company has provided graphics solutions for leading broadcasters including BBC, ESPN, Fox, and many others. Recently, they have developed a Tactic suite of products (Lite, Advanced, and Pro) to cater to the needs of every level of coaching and performance analysis including the highest professional level.

“RT Software has enabled our staff to deliver a complete and comprehensive game video analysis,” said NC Courage head coach Paul Riley. “The use of Tactic Pro in our NC Courage environment has provided our players with visual images that provide vital illustrations and emphasis on important game aspects. It’s a staple of our advanced game analysis and we feel our players now have the best program in the business. It will continue to help us educate, develop, and collaborate on every game day experience.”

Their product provides better output in analysis with features that bring the picture to life for players. The software adds animation to the live video which helps players pick up patterns and tendencies not seen in a typical still frame film session. NC Courage Assistant Coach Sean Nahas points out that the software can be used to prepare players before a game but also instantly brings images to life following a game. It can be used to scope out an opponent or for players to analyze themselves.

“The use of RT software enables our staff to provide the players with the ability to see and recognize pictures before the game so that when it happens live in a match it is easily recognized and referred to by the players and gives them the ability to react to each individual situation knowing they have seen it before,” said Nahas. “It has definitely been a benefit for the players and definitely so much for our staff.”

Members of the Courage coaching staff use RT Software’s Advanced and Pro products in creating team scouting reports. Features like arrows and live circles enhance the experience for both the players and the coaches in team video sessions.

“It’s a tremendous honor for all of us here at RT Software to have our line of Tactic products selected to support such a prestigious team as NC Courage,” said Galo Puerta, Manager Sports Professional Market at RT Software. “We look forward to working together with Sean and all the coaches in both the professional team and the Academy in the years to come. Hopefully Tactic will have a positive impact not only on performances on the pitch but also on player development.”

Along with the NC Courage, the NC Courage Academy players are also reaping the benefits of RT Software. The technology is providing them with the resources to further their careers into the collegiate and professional levels. The technology helps coaches pose questions to their players, something that Nahas points out is very important for visual learners.

“Many of the young players are visual learners,” said Nahas who also serves as the NC Courage Academy Director. “Especially with the way the world is now with their education and connection with technology, it allows me to have Zoom meetings and use RT Software with them when practice is cancelled. It helps me pull out the picture I am trying to explain without having to be right in front of them with a projector.”

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